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Emissions System Repair in Walnut Creek

Emissions System Repair in Walnut Creek

Your vehicle’s emissions control system works to trap harmful fuel vapors before they travel outside your fuel tank. As your car runs, the fuel vapors are trapped in a charcoal canister, and valves will be opened to suck those vapors into the engine. Not only does your vehicle’s emissions control system keep harmful chemicals out of the air, it also helps control the operation of the engine to use as little fuel as possible. Because of its crucial functions, it is important to get your car’s emissions system regularly maintained, and bringing your car in for an emissions system repair if you are experiencing problems with it. Some symptoms of a faulty emissions system include:

  • Your “Check Engine” light is on.
  • Your vehicle jerks or is failing to shift properly.
  • Your vehicle is stalling or fails to start.

Today’s computer controlled vehicles have complicated equipment that requires a highly-trained technician to diagnose and repair. If you’re in Walnut Creek or surrounding areas, you can find exactly that at Joe’s Foreign Automotive. We’ve been providing dependable, trustworthy auto repair services since 1979. We put customer satisfaction above all else, taking the time to perform complete inspections and diagnoses on your vehicle. Don’t hesitate to bring your car to Joe’s Foreign Automotive today!


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