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Faro Booshehri, Owner
Faro Booshehri, OwnerFaro Booshehri, the new owner for Joe’s Foreign Automotive, is honored to carry on Joe’s distinguished legacy. My goal is to maintain the same level of honest work, timely service and affordable repairs, while continuing to bring 21st-century technology to our shop that will benefit you—our customers, friends and family!

My training as a mechanic began in Iran when I was 14 years old, continued in Spain, England and the United States. At age 20 I had the good fortune to be hired by a major automotive business in Chicago, where I established a solid knowledge of auto repair work. As my experience and expertise matured, I ventured into starting my own auto repair business in Southern California. Moving to Northern California seemed to me a natural next step. My dedicated team and I look forward to not only keeping your cars running well but also keeping you safe on the road.

George Curletto – Service Manager
George Curletto – Service ManagerGeorge Curletto has a 48-year relationship with cars. The last 30 years have been with Joe’s Foreign Automotive, where he has devoted his time troubleshooting and servicing all models of vehicles. He has a special talent for explaining complex repair procedures in down-to-earth language that everyone can understand. When discussing repair issues, George makes sure customers feel confident that their vehicle is in good hands and that only the necessary repairs are being recommended and approved to be performed. We feel the time he spends talking with customers is time well spent!

Rand Stipe – Technician
AUTO REPAIROur senior tech Rand Stipe has been with us for 25 years. He is certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence as an Advanced Level Master Technician. Although he is highly skilled at repairing European and Japanese makes of vehicles, his specialty is British automobiles. He has extensive experience working on Jaguars, Land Rovers, MGs and Triumphs. For over 20 years Rand shared his aptitude while teaching various courses as an Automotive Technology Instructor at Chabot College in Hayward. His knowledge and experience is an invaluable asset to our company.

Rob Smith – Technician
AUTO ELECTRICAL SERVICEAnother long time veteran of Joe’s Foreign Automotive, Rob Smith has been with us for over 10 years. Rob is also an Advanced Level Master Technician who relishes a good challenge. When Rob tackles a check engine light problem on today’s vehicles, his systematic approach and strong mental database of past repairs swiftly lead him to the source of the problem. His area of expertise is the German car lines but he has vast experience working on most other makes including domestic automobiles. Recently, Rob completed a comprehensive course on the latest hybrid technology. Just another example of our commitment to handle all of your service needs.

Joe Duvall – Founder
Joe Duvall - FounderJoe Duvall in 1979 founded Joe’s Foreign Automotive and for the next 37 years assembled a team that shared his commitment for excellence in the automotive service business. He started his automotive career as a mechanic in the very competitive field of international car racing, where attention to detail and doing the job right, no matter how long it took, were the key lessons he learned during that time. Joe not only refined those lessons throughout his career but he also taught his technicians how to put into practice those principles on every vehicle they work on.

His valued clients are the first to say: “You won’t find anyone more willing to take the time to listen and to find the right solution to your automotive needs. In addition, we knew we were in good hands because of Joe’s extensive knowledge and wealth of experience.” As with all careers, there comes a time to “pass on the baton.” In 2016, Joe wished us a happy and successful future.


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