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Preventative Maintenance Saves you Money in the Long Run

Preventative Maintenance Saves you Money in the Long RunMost of us want to get the most for our motoring dollar. One of the best ways to do this is extending the life of your current vehicle. With new car prices in the United States averaging well over $30,000, money invested in keeping your existing vehicle in good shape could save you hundreds–even thousands–of dollars a year. When you consider the true cost of buying a new car (price of the car, sales tax, license and registration fees, insurance), it is not difficult to justify spending a few hundred dollars to repair your present vehicle.

Our vehicle maintenance services are designed to protect your vehicle investment. They go beyond a cursory “once-over” and are designed to get to the root of potential problems. Ask George or Joe to show you exactly what is involved in each service. They will be happy to go over the requires services that are needed with you before you okay the inspection and provide you with a estimate for any work recommended as a result of your vehicle’s checkup. You will know about which repairs are necessary today, and also alert you to items that are potential problem areas you may want to address today for more trouble-free miles tomorrow. Naturally, you make the decision as to what work is actually performed.

We also know that having your vehicle serviced is a inconvenient part of life and we also offer a while you wait oil change at a competitive price, that can be fitted into your busy schedule. Please call to set up a time for these services.


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